Facility Planning: Wise Workout

January 1, 2016, American School & University, By Paul Erickson

Students need both physical exercise and brain workouts. Paul Erickson explains how the design of your educational facilities can support both of these activities in the latest issue of American School & University.

For student learners to achieve complete development, it’s essential they have access to facilities that support exercise –physical activity and skill development. The next several columns will focus on designing educational facilities that exercise both the brain and the body.

We typically think of exercise in terms of cardio fitness, free weights and sports. We exercise to build muscle and stamina, to maintain or improve our body’s vital indicators (blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose level, etc.), and to remain healthy (preventing obesity, diabetes, and other conditions). For young and old alike, physical exercise makes one feel stronger, healthier and more mentally alert. As a result of these benefits, we expect to live longer, remain healthier as we age, enjoy our families, and make a long-lasting impact on our society.

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