Minnetonka VANTAGE Program

In the “Vantage” program, Minnetonka High School students strategically partner with the business community in problem-solving real-world experiences in a professional setting. The educational learning environment offers students to learn and develop skills for high-demand careers (engaging, working, and even dressing the way their future employers will expect!).

Transforming the high school experience, the courses purposefully take place away from the high school campus (in an office complex), immersing students into the professional ‘way of life’. The expanded course offerings include Healthcare & Sports Science, Business in a Global Economy, Business Analytics, Design & Marketing, and Digital Journalism.

This innovatively-designed learning space (conferencing, work, lab, and presentation spaces), provides for a professional workplace environment. Learning pods, small group clustering, and private conferencing spaces bring to life the real-world experience for the students. Flexible furniture and ubiquitous technology enhance the collaborative problem-solving that takes place here. The spaces support the engagement of students, staff, and businesses in this unique approach to learning through case studies, partner-directed projects, and immersion in this profession-based program.

Awards: 2016 Crow Island Citation Winner