‘The Loft’ at Minnetonka High School

A major renovation transformed underutilized locker rooms into a ‘future-ready’ learning space. The objective was to design a learning environment with spaces to enhance each student’s learning experience. Varied-sized rooms, niches, and open space support the many different activities that occur in this unique environment. Special design features include:

  • Cave spaces for distraction-free quiet study or individual reflection;
  • Spaces where students can be ‘alone together’ as they work independently next to their peers, generating a ‘buzz’ like a coffee shop;
  • Collaborative spaces with ubiquitous technology for students to work with their peers;
  • Makerspace to spread-out projects and utilize whiteboards;
  • Spaces where teachers conduct lessons and then transform the space into a collaborative team environment with flexible furniture and several presentation niches;
  • Space beyond the classroom for student work, with teacher oversight;
  • Large flexible space to accommodate the equivalent of two classes.

Instead of expanding or building new, MHS seized an opportunity to transform an underutilized space into a ‘future-ready’ learning environment. It is an uplifting and positive atmosphere for student engagement. As one student remarked, “This is a space I never want to leave!”


Client: Minnetonka Public Schools Date: August 2018